Napata CMS is now out and it's packed with something sweet for all you web developers: Twitter Bootstrap. This release comes with Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 plus some awesome Bootstrap swatches from Bootswatch. Furthermore, I've pushed the project to the GPLv3 licence. For the full changelog please read on:

Napata CMS

  1. New: "Edit Summary" textarea form element.
  2. Change: Edit.php and create.php layout tweaks.
  3. Change: NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW, NOARCHIVE robots for all special pages.
  4. Change: Admin_Pages title and text  changes to reflect that the administration page is for "articles" and not "pages".
  5. Change: Main Administration page fix to the article-administration link. Link now reads "Admin Articles" instead of "Admin pages".
  6. Fix: Generic error message printed on the homepage when the static page selected for display on the frontpage does not exist.
  7. New: Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 integrated.
  8. New: Superhero, Amelia, United and Cerulean Bootswatch themes added.
  9. Fix: Fixed a bug to the installer that caused the configuration form not to show.
  10. Fix: File inclusion error and styling changes made to the error files.

Napata Flat File CMS

  1. New: Both front-end and backend theming is provided by a single stylesheet that is defined in the configuration file npt-load.php.
  2. Change: css/admin folder removed. Administration theming is now provided in a single stylesheet.
  3. New: ClearStatCache() method added.
  4. New: Generic content displayed on the frontpage if the INDEX.txt file does not exist in the CMS installation directory.
  5. New: File modified timestamp printed at the bottom of each article.
  6. New: Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 integrated into the core.
  7. New: Amelia, United and Cerulean Bootswatch themes added to the pre-installed themes.
  8. New: Added "Theming" article.

That's it for now. If you find any bug, you can lodge it on the projects' Sourceforge Issue Trackers. Here the project pages for the database-driven CMS and the flat-file one: Napata CMS and Napata Flat CMS. Woohoo! Enjoy, ;-). I'm out.

Napata CMS is Out!

Napata CMS is now out. This release contains a number of bugfixes plus two majpr updates to the packages that ship with the script. The full changelog for this release is as follows:
  1. Fix: Major security fix to a security hole detected in the previous 1.5.2013 release.
  2. Change: Minute change to the admin static pages page.
  3. Change: Updated MarkItUp editor to 1.1.14.
  4. Change: Updated HTMLPurifier to 4.5.0.
  5. Fix: Minute bugfix on the installer.
  6. Change: WYMeditor global settings can now be altered from a single point, editor.php file.
  7. Fix: Bug fix to the Purifier() function.
 N.B: All previous releases of Napata CMS should not be used on production sites. This is the recommended version of the script that should be used since it fixes a major security hole  found in the previous releases.

Where is the Latest Release on Google Code?

This release is not ( and never will be) available on Google Code due to the changes that Google wants to introduce to its download service. See this post for more information. Presumably, I might move to Github but that is best left for another day, aye. Sad! I'm out!

Napata Flat File CMS 1.5.2013 Released

Slightly one week after I released the database-driven Napata CMS 1.5.2013 release, here comes the latest flat file package of the CMS. Here is the changelog for the release:
  1. Change: Moved the Console code to the main NapataFileCMS class file.
  2. Change: Moved the Admin page code to the main NapataFileCMS class file.
  3. New: Added new method: AdminPage();
  4. New: Added new admin page: PHP Info page.
  5. Change: NOARCHIVE, NOFOLLOW, NOINDEX robots for Login, Console and Admin pages.
  6. New: DeFunkt front-end theme added to the pre-installed themes.
That's all. Remember you can get the script on both Google Code and Sourceforge. Just follow the links on the right sidebar of this blog and get started.

Napata CMS 1.5.2013 Released

Wassup everybody! The 1.5.2013 release is now out ready for you to download. Oops, this is after roughly 3 months since the last release (not bad at all). One of the main improvements I have bundled in this release is the ability for the site admin to select a static page to be displayed on the site's frontpage rather than the usual recent articles posted on the site. To effect this change, the site admin has to go the Admin_Site_settings page. Then they have to fill in the title of the static page in the form for the change to happen. The admin can leave the static homepage field empty if they would like to show the most recent articles on the front page.

Additional changes in this release include:

  1. New: Moved installer core files to their own directory.

  2. Change: Minor changes to the installer.

  3. Change: Upgrade JQuery library to the 1.8.2 release.

  4. Change: Minor change to HandleSQLErrors() function to write the request_uri instead of the query string in error logfiles.

  5. Fix: Minor syntatic fix to the sample article on installer. Removed tags around the first paragraph that prevented Markdown to work properly. (Markdown package)

  6. Fix: Fix to a bug that prevented NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW, NOARCHIVE robots from not being printed for all revised articles.

  7. Fix: Social network links open in a new tab.

  8. New: Updated WYMEditor to 0.5 (stable) release. (WYSIWYM package)

  9. Fix: Fixes to the error logic when summary, article title or article body fields are empty when saving a record.

  10. Fix: Article information is not lost when saving a newly created page after an error is detected.

  11. Change: Upgraded WYMeditor package to 0.5 stable release. (WYSIWYM package)

  12. Change: Editor size changes. (Markup and Markdown syntax packages)

  13. Change: Upgrade PHP Markdown Extra parser to the 1.2.6 release. (Markdown syntax package)

  14. New: Static page for the homepage can now be selected.

  15. Change: Admin_update_settings page altered. Site admin can now select the static page to be shown on the front page.

  16. New: DeFunkt theme added to the pre-installed themes.

  17. Change: Added static_homepage input field to the installer.

  18. Change: DeFunkt replaces the Default theme.

Oops, I forgot this. A new pre-installed theme has been added in this release: the DeFunkt theme. It is now the default theme that you will see once you install the script.

Remember, you can get this script on Sourceforge and on Google Code. Enjoy, :-).
What a great way to start the year. Napata CMS and Napata Flat File CMS 1.4.2013 are out. Here are some quick overviews of the changes I have introduced in these releases.

Napata CMS

This is mainly a bug fix release. I have implemented some minute fixes to the Markup package and the Markdown package. The main bug fix was in the WYSIWYM package. The bug affected the 404 error pages. The complete changelog for this release is as follows:
  1. Fix: Error functions bugs. All SQL queries use PHP PDO. (WYSIWYM package)
  2. Fix: Text formatting rules fixed to show the correct Markdown syntax in the Markdown package. (Markdown package)
  3. Fix: Sitename displayed on the "Text Formatting Help" window.

Napata Flat File CMS 1.4.2013

As for the Flat File package, I have included a simple admin page that checks for some system and script environment settings. Some bug fixes also ship with this release. Here is the complete changelog:
  1. Change: Admin home panel shows some basic environment settings of your server and the script.
  2. Change: Security fixes.
  3. Fix: 404 error thrown for articles not found.
  4. Fix: File size checks prior to uploading to the Articles directory.
 That's it for now. You can download the latest releases on both Google Code and Sourceforge. If you like the scripts you can star them on Google Code or recommend them on Sourceforge. Enjoy!