Napata CMS 1.4.2012 Released

Napata CMS 1.4.2012 is now out. This is the main database-driven script of this project. The main change in this release is that the script now uses PHP's PDO to run all database queries. This is a major improvement since the use of mysql_* functions is not recommended; these functions are deprecated. Additional changes include bugfixes to the rendering engine, addition of a "My Account" link to the ActionLinks bar, a revamped admin area and the inclusion of static pages. Here is the complete changelog:
  1. New: SQL Queries rewritten to use PHP PDO.
  2. Change: "My Account" link introduced.
  3. Fix: Theme fixes.
  4. Change: Method showErrorPage() for error pages.
  5. Fix: Data validation for user query.
  6. New: Parser extension Box tag.(Markup variant)
  7. New: Parser function extended. Arrows syntax, forced line break, Alert, Incomplete, Notice tags methods.(Markup variant)
  8. Fix: Data validation on special pages' queries.
  9. Change: Code cleanup
  10. Fix: Security Fixes.
  11. Change: SQL syntax improved; to improve site performance.
  12. Change: Administration panel improved.
  13. Change: Footer template changes shows Admin Email.
  14. Change: Renamed the Installer Check file to Check.php
  15. New: Check.php checks for register_globals and allow_url_fopen settings too.
  16. New: RevisionMessage() added. Shows the latest page link when a revied page of the same name is accessed.
  17. New: Theme tweaks to pre-installed themes to show the RevisionsMessage.
  18. New: Die Syntax introduced. Syntax format is die{{Your text....}}die. (Markup Variant)
  19. New: Edit summary now shown on the "Revisions" and "All Pages" pages.
  20. New: Update script revamped. You can upgrade your site by pointing your script to the update.php script.
  21. New: Check.php checks for update.php script too.
  22. New: Static pages introduced.
  23. New: Navigation generated dynamically. Navigation items consist of static pages.
  24. New:Action links replace forms on all pre-installed themes.
  25. Change: "Hello World" article replaced by a sample article.
  26. New: Last modified timestamp shown on "All articles" and "Revisions" pages.
  27. Change: Update scripts' queries re-written; queries now use PHP's PDO.
Remember, you can get the script on Google Code as well as Sourceforge.

Napata Flat File CMS 1.2.2012 is out!

This comes approximately 1 month after the release of the script's first release candidate. But that ain't late at all. This release fixes a phoney bug that caused PHP code to display instead of the action links on a web page. Additionally, some other cosmetic changes have been made to the script. Here is the entire changelog for the flat file cms script:
  1. New: Config file added: npt-load.php
  2. Change: Moved $copyright variable to npt-load.php config file.
  3. Change: Added DIRPATH costant to the config. Points to the absolute path to the folders.
  4. Change: Deletion of error_reporting code in some pages. Config file now handles the error_reporting code.
  5. Fix: Fixes to E_NOTICE and E_WARNING errors.
  6. Change: Sidebar styling changes.
  7. Change: Renamed the sidebar heading from "Other Articles" to "Articles".
  8. Fix: Replaced PHP short tags on ActionLinks method to fix display problems of action links.
That is all for now. Remember you can download the latest release both on Sourceforge and Google Code (see the sidebar links on your right). Woohoo! I'm out.