Name Change Alert: Napata CMS Changes to Karnak CMS

This is the third change I have implemented for this project. The new name is Karnak CMS. This reflects the new direction that I will be taking in the development of this script. For a brief history of the ancient Egyptian place of Karnak please read this Wikipedia article.

New name, new beginnings. Watch this space. Karnak CMS 1.0 will be coming soon instead of Napata CMS 2.0. The new development blog can be found at

Karnak CMS 1.0 Coming Soon!!!

Napata CMS 2.0: A Major Rewrite Underway

Napata CMS project has been on hiatus for a while. Sorry about that. The last release was 1.6.0 released on September last year. I've been kind of got "hit by a bus", right? Not quite. Although, 1.8.0 is/was ready, I did not feel it was alright to release it. Why? I felt strongly the CMS project was constrained in terms of its architecture. So I thought it would be a good idea for me to rewrite the entire software. That is where the leap to Napata 2.0 is coming about. I am working on the rewrite currently so y'all better watch this space. The new structure will be a lot more cooler and more adaptive to whatever kind of site you would like to create. That is enough. No need of letting out the cat out of the bag.

Napata CMS 2.0 will be coming soon!!!