Napata CMS is Out!

Napata CMS is now out. This release contains a number of bugfixes plus two majpr updates to the packages that ship with the script. The full changelog for this release is as follows:
  1. Fix: Major security fix to a security hole detected in the previous 1.5.2013 release.
  2. Change: Minute change to the admin static pages page.
  3. Change: Updated MarkItUp editor to 1.1.14.
  4. Change: Updated HTMLPurifier to 4.5.0.
  5. Fix: Minute bugfix on the installer.
  6. Change: WYMeditor global settings can now be altered from a single point, editor.php file.
  7. Fix: Bug fix to the Purifier() function.
 N.B: All previous releases of Napata CMS should not be used on production sites. This is the recommended version of the script that should be used since it fixes a major security hole  found in the previous releases.

Where is the Latest Release on Google Code?

This release is not ( and never will be) available on Google Code due to the changes that Google wants to introduce to its download service. See this post for more information. Presumably, I might move to Github but that is best left for another day, aye. Sad! I'm out!