Napata Flat File CMS 1.5.2013 Released

Slightly one week after I released the database-driven Napata CMS 1.5.2013 release, here comes the latest flat file package of the CMS. Here is the changelog for the release:
  1. Change: Moved the Console code to the main NapataFileCMS class file.
  2. Change: Moved the Admin page code to the main NapataFileCMS class file.
  3. New: Added new method: AdminPage();
  4. New: Added new admin page: PHP Info page.
  5. Change: NOARCHIVE, NOFOLLOW, NOINDEX robots for Login, Console and Admin pages.
  6. New: DeFunkt front-end theme added to the pre-installed themes.
That's all. Remember you can get the script on both Google Code and Sourceforge. Just follow the links on the right sidebar of this blog and get started.


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