Migrating to PDO and (may be) Create a Text-File Napata CMS

Moving over to PDO? Yup. This will be one of the main, in fact the main objective for the development of the upcoming release of Napata CMS. Ideally, hanging on the deprecated mysql_* functions is not favourable since the PHP developers discourage the use of the MySQL extension (notice the big red notice above this page. And read this post too.) So there it is. It will take me some time re-writing all the queries but at least I do know every bit of code in the application. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will have released something, plus some release candidates, that fully depend on PDO for querying the database.

What about a Text File Version of the Script?

This is in the pre-alpha stage. Actually, my idea is that of a minimalist version of the script. Actually, I am thinking of it being radically different in it's functionality. It will not have every thing that the main, database-driven script has. It will be a simple, straight-forward script. Dead simple. In fact, I am thinking of it being sort of a Rendering Engine only (no editing interfaces, no relational features between articles, and so on and so on ....). So, well, back to hacking. Wish me some luck in this next effort.

Napata CMS 1.2.2012 Released

The official release of Napata CMS 1.2 is out almost 1 week after I released its first release candidate. Not to bore you in any way, here is the changes I have implemented since the release of 1.2rc1:
1. Fix: NOTICE errors fixed on the index.php page.
2. Fix: NOTICE errors fixes on the prepackaged themes.
3. New: Accessing the editing form now uses GET rather than POST.
4. Fix: Dialog that comes up on reload of the editing form eliminated.
5. Change: Minor changes to the themes.
6. Change: Reverted the home page title from 'Recent Changes' back to 'Home'.
7. Change: Reduced the teaser's word limit to 100 words on the index page.
That is it for now.

Remember, you can get the script's packages (Markdown, Mediawiki syntax and WYSIWYM) on Google Code too.

Update: 10th, September, 2012

I've corrected a little bug on the 1.2.2012 release. The bug was on the editing and create form pages that affected the Syntax Help sliding menu. The latest file is now up online.

Update: 13th, September, 2012

The project's Google Code page has changed. The new project's home can be found at http://code.google.com/p/napata-cms/. My aim here was to make the name more descriptive on the site. Otherwise, nothing much has changed. All future releases of this script will be posted here. Nice!

Napata CMS 1.2.2012: Release Update

I'll be releasing the official Napata CMS 1.2.2012 in the coming days. Nicked some [ter|hor]rible bugs in the release candidate that I uploaded last week plus some numerous E_NOTICE errors in the code. However, the cleanup of the E_NOTICE errors will be an on going effort on my part. So expect some E-NOTICE bugs in this release (they aren't fatal errors). I'll be cleaning them up as the script's development goes on.