Napata CMS is now out and it's packed with something sweet for all you web developers: Twitter Bootstrap. This release comes with Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 plus some awesome Bootstrap swatches from Bootswatch. Furthermore, I've pushed the project to the GPLv3 licence. For the full changelog please read on:

Napata CMS

  1. New: "Edit Summary" textarea form element.
  2. Change: Edit.php and create.php layout tweaks.
  3. Change: NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW, NOARCHIVE robots for all special pages.
  4. Change: Admin_Pages title and text  changes to reflect that the administration page is for "articles" and not "pages".
  5. Change: Main Administration page fix to the article-administration link. Link now reads "Admin Articles" instead of "Admin pages".
  6. Fix: Generic error message printed on the homepage when the static page selected for display on the frontpage does not exist.
  7. New: Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 integrated.
  8. New: Superhero, Amelia, United and Cerulean Bootswatch themes added.
  9. Fix: Fixed a bug to the installer that caused the configuration form not to show.
  10. Fix: File inclusion error and styling changes made to the error files.

Napata Flat File CMS

  1. New: Both front-end and backend theming is provided by a single stylesheet that is defined in the configuration file npt-load.php.
  2. Change: css/admin folder removed. Administration theming is now provided in a single stylesheet.
  3. New: ClearStatCache() method added.
  4. New: Generic content displayed on the frontpage if the INDEX.txt file does not exist in the CMS installation directory.
  5. New: File modified timestamp printed at the bottom of each article.
  6. New: Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 integrated into the core.
  7. New: Amelia, United and Cerulean Bootswatch themes added to the pre-installed themes.
  8. New: Added "Theming" article.

That's it for now. If you find any bug, you can lodge it on the projects' Sourceforge Issue Trackers. Here the project pages for the database-driven CMS and the flat-file one: Napata CMS and Napata Flat CMS. Woohoo! Enjoy, ;-). I'm out.