Napata CMS 1.2 Release Candidate 1 is out!

Napata CMS 1.2rc1.2012 is out. The first release of the Napata CMS script. This is a release candidate of the upcoming official release of the 1.2.2012. The script comes in 3 packages: Mediawiki/Markup, Markdown and WYSIWYM packages. Here comes the changelog (quite  a long list):
1. Change: Project name change to Napata CMS from 230 CMS.(OK, this was stated on a previous post).
2. User 'Bio' information enabled.
3. Change: Updated the Account Details page. Users can change their bio info and name (full names) too.
4. Change: Pages/posts GET variable changed from "id" to "post".
5. New: function Delete(). This function prevents the deletion of pages which are not revisions.
6. Change: Maximum title length for posts increased from 30 to 50 characters.
7. New: Links automatically detected in the text by parser. (Markup variant)
8. New: MeatCMS theme added to the pre-installed themes.
9.New: MarkItUp, MarkItUp-Markdown and WYMeditor integration.
10.Fix: CSS max-width, min-width constraints on Edit forms.
11.New: Success messages returned after certain events e.g. logging out, update of site settings etc.
12.New: HTMLPurifier library integration.
13.New: TestPostBody() function added. Limits the creation of new revisions to only where a major edit to a post has been done.
14.Change: Minor change to the installer to detect magic_quotes_gpc setting.
15. Fix: Numerous fixes to the file paths server-side inclusions.
16. New: Added a last_modified column to the Articles table.
17. New: Last mofied timestamp on all articles.
18. Change: Fixes to the signedup column structure.
19. New: AuthorData() function ensures that the Editor's name and Last_modified timestamp are shown on normal articles only.
20. Change: Minor changes to the pre-installed themes.
21. New: Articles' last modified timestamps and timestamp column added to the database and themes.
22. Change: Changed signedup column from TIMESTAMP to DATETIME type.
23. New: Added database upgrade script to release 1.2.
24. New: ERROR_LEVEL constant now accepts both named constants or their equivalent integers.

Get it on Sourceforge and Google Code

You can the packages on Sourceforge. Enjoy!
P.S: The Markup releases do not have any "extension" to the filename while the Markdown and WYSIWYM packages have the "MD" and "WYM" words respectively on their zip packages


Nicked a horrible bug on the Markdown package of the release candidate that returned a blank page after editing a post/article. The corrected file is now up for downloading. ;-)


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