What a great way to start the year. Napata CMS and Napata Flat File CMS 1.4.2013 are out. Here are some quick overviews of the changes I have introduced in these releases.

Napata CMS

This is mainly a bug fix release. I have implemented some minute fixes to the Markup package and the Markdown package. The main bug fix was in the WYSIWYM package. The bug affected the 404 error pages. The complete changelog for this release is as follows:
  1. Fix: Error functions bugs. All SQL queries use PHP PDO. (WYSIWYM package)
  2. Fix: Text formatting rules fixed to show the correct Markdown syntax in the Markdown package. (Markdown package)
  3. Fix: Sitename displayed on the "Text Formatting Help" window.

Napata Flat File CMS 1.4.2013

As for the Flat File package, I have included a simple admin page that checks for some system and script environment settings. Some bug fixes also ship with this release. Here is the complete changelog:
  1. Change: Admin home panel shows some basic environment settings of your server and the script.
  2. Change: Security fixes.
  3. Fix: 404 error thrown for articles not found.
  4. Fix: File size checks prior to uploading to the Articles directory.
 That's it for now. You can download the latest releases on both Google Code and Sourceforge. If you like the scripts you can star them on Google Code or recommend them on Sourceforge. Enjoy!