Napata CMS 1.4.2012 Released

Napata CMS 1.4.2012 is now out. This is the main database-driven script of this project. The main change in this release is that the script now uses PHP's PDO to run all database queries. This is a major improvement since the use of mysql_* functions is not recommended; these functions are deprecated. Additional changes include bugfixes to the rendering engine, addition of a "My Account" link to the ActionLinks bar, a revamped admin area and the inclusion of static pages. Here is the complete changelog:
  1. New: SQL Queries rewritten to use PHP PDO.
  2. Change: "My Account" link introduced.
  3. Fix: Theme fixes.
  4. Change: Method showErrorPage() for error pages.
  5. Fix: Data validation for user query.
  6. New: Parser extension Box tag.(Markup variant)
  7. New: Parser function extended. Arrows syntax, forced line break, Alert, Incomplete, Notice tags methods.(Markup variant)
  8. Fix: Data validation on special pages' queries.
  9. Change: Code cleanup
  10. Fix: Security Fixes.
  11. Change: SQL syntax improved; to improve site performance.
  12. Change: Administration panel improved.
  13. Change: Footer template changes shows Admin Email.
  14. Change: Renamed the Installer Check file to Check.php
  15. New: Check.php checks for register_globals and allow_url_fopen settings too.
  16. New: RevisionMessage() added. Shows the latest page link when a revied page of the same name is accessed.
  17. New: Theme tweaks to pre-installed themes to show the RevisionsMessage.
  18. New: Die Syntax introduced. Syntax format is die{{Your text....}}die. (Markup Variant)
  19. New: Edit summary now shown on the "Revisions" and "All Pages" pages.
  20. New: Update script revamped. You can upgrade your site by pointing your script to the update.php script.
  21. New: Check.php checks for update.php script too.
  22. New: Static pages introduced.
  23. New: Navigation generated dynamically. Navigation items consist of static pages.
  24. New:Action links replace forms on all pre-installed themes.
  25. Change: "Hello World" article replaced by a sample article.
  26. New: Last modified timestamp shown on "All articles" and "Revisions" pages.
  27. Change: Update scripts' queries re-written; queries now use PHP's PDO.
Remember, you can get the script on Google Code as well as Sourceforge.


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